Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Katelyn Hanzel '15

Name: Katelyn Hanzel
Major: Public Relations & Health Comm, Creative writing and WGSS Minors
Class of: 2015
Hometown: Huntsburg, OH
Currently Located: Columbus, OH

1)  What has life been like post-graduation?
          "Life has been... A mix of ups and downs, I suppose. Living on my own in my first post-grad apartment, navigating the work world every day, and thinking about things like actually making student loan payments and paying all my own bills is both liberating and terrifying. I've made some new friends, found fun ways to occupy all the free time I actually have during the week, and I'm still in a career space that I love. I'd consider myself happy."

2)  What advice do you have for current students?
          "Take your dreams seriously, because you can absolutely reach them, but also be realistic from day to day. Networking IS one of the most important skills you could ever have, writing IS EVERYWHERE (surprise!), so it helps to practice and accept the fact that you'll write a lot in life."

3)  How has your vision of your future transformed or changed?
          "As of now, it hasn't yet. I'm doing what I love, I'm living on my own terms, and most of my plans still feel feasible for me. If anything, I've started thinking more about the personally adventurous part of my life rather than the professionally adventurous - and yes, there is a difference. I'm thinking more seriously about making more travel plans and making it a point to see all the places I've always wanted to."

4)  What are the most important skills students in your field should start to develop now?
          "WRITING. As a writer to my core, it's easy for me to tell anyone how important it is to be a good writer. But it's honestly everywhere, in every industry, so I have two facets of advice: 1. Accept that writing is an inevitability and sharpen that skill, and 2. You don't have to be writing books every day to be considered a writer. I journal every day for myself, but my job also allows me to write - just in a different capacity, and I love it all."

5)  What are your plans and goals for the future?
          "Watch sunrises in Italy, make it back to California but with my brother this time. Publish some new creative writing somewhere, advance in my public relations position (how is yet to be determined), find "my person," have a family, and take life on with gumption, passion, joy, and love."

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