Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Chelsea Gilman '14

Name: Chelsea Gilman 
Major: Sport Management
Class of: 2014
Job Title: Assistant Director of Sales & Special Events, Columbus Clippers
Hometown: Milford, OH
Currently Located: Columbus, OH

1) What is your job? 
          I am currently the Assistant Director of Sales & Special Events for the Columbus Clippers. My daily responsibilities include ticket sales, booking of youth birthday parties, scoreboard message compilation, and working with local youth baseball/softball organizations on fundraising opportunities. Each day brings a different set of responsibilities, but some compilation of these nonetheless.

2)  What has life been like post-graduation? 
          I started full time with the Clippers during spring semester of my senior year at Otterbein.  
Having a job in my desired field right out of school was a blessing, especially in such a 
competitive industry. My favorite change after graduation is that for the most part my day ends 
when I leave the office.  After 16 long years, NO MORE HOMEWORK!

3)  What advice do you have for current students? 
          My greatest piece of advice is to NETWORK, NETWORK, NETWORK!  It is crucial to 
make connections with professionals in your desired field outside of an interview setting.  Use 
your resources to reach out and ask for a brief one-on-one to just find out more about what they 
do and how they got there.

4)  How has your vision of your future transformed or changed since starting college? 
          I was originally an Athletic Training Major.  After a full year of studies, I decided A.T. 
wasn’t my passion and I explored other options. Athletics has always been my passion even though the sciences no longer held my interest. I decided to stay within the realm of sports and changed my 
major sophomore year to Sport Management.  

5)  What are the most important skills students in your field should start to develop now? 
          I have found that to be successful in the world of sport you must be adaptable.  Not only 
does each sport have different demands, each team operates in its own manner. Being flexible 
is crucial and finding diverse and creative solutions will help you to stand out.  

6) What Otterbein experience has benefitted you the most in your career? 
          I could call upon quite a few Otterbein experiences to which I attribute my success so 
far.  One of which is the leadership and guidance of my professors, Dr. Sullivan and Dr. Walter.  
I often recall class discussions whether it be related to marketing tactics, ethical situations, etc.  
Not only was their shared knowledge extremely valuable, but the professional advice and 
connections they offer are indispensable.
          Another positive experience during my time at Otterbein was connecting with Ashley 
Strausser and Ryan Brechbill at the CCPD.  Their services in resume/cover letter assistance are impeccable and I STRONGLY recommend taking advantage of this, as it is a service adults in the “real world” pay good money for!  I now realize the importance of keeping an up to date resume at all times and still reference my CCPD Action 
Verbs list and advice from Ashley.

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