Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Morgan Scott '14

Name: Morgan Scott
Major: Psychology, Minor American Sign Language
Class of: 2014
Job Title: Associate Centralized Recruiter for Speedway LLC
Hometown: Dayton, OH
Currently Located: Columbus, OH

This interview was conducted in person and this blog post was written by an intern for the CCPD.

1) What is your job?
Morgan is in charge of hiring the professional for 11 Speedway stores in the Central Ohio Location. She specializes in hiring customer service representatives and shift leader trainees. She has been with Speedway for 6 months and really enjoys her current position.

2)  What has life been like post-graduation?
After not being able to find a job in the Columbus area, she moved back home to Dayton. In her own words, “I felt like I did everything right, I went to school, completed an internship, I graduated on time, and was actively seeking employment but could not find anything.” She is extremely grateful for the help that the CCPD provided her as an alumni. Since then she was able to move back to Columbus, learn what it’s like to be in a professional setting and also discovering herself as a young professional.

3)  What advice do you have for current students?
“Enjoy your last year! It goes by so fast! Being back on campus has filled me with such nostalgia for my time here!” Morgan expressed her bittersweet feelings of how fast time has gone by. She also wishes she would have pursued more classes that would have given her more experience in Human Resources (HR). She recommends students find out what they want to do early on and if possible, take classes that will pertain to their career. Ideally, also obtain internships to give them hands on experience in the field.

4)  How has your vision of your future transformed or changed?
Upon leaving Otterbein, Morgan was no longer living in the same community as her friends. Staying connected to them was more of a challenge than originally anticipated. On a professional note, Morgan originally wanted to major in nursing but changed to psychology during her time at Otterbein. She became interested in HR after taking a class in the Business department and that is the field she is currently pursuing.

5)  What are the most important skills students in your field should start to develop now?
"Networking! The more people you know the better, use resources that Otterbein provides you with. I can't begin to describe how much Dr. Eskew has helped me!" She recommends developing a professional rapport because they have many connections and experiences that are worth your time to getting to know them.

6)  What are your plans and goals for the future?
When asked this question, Morgan took a minute to answer as she looked dreamily into the distance. She hopes to have an MBA soon as well as being at least two steps up professionally from her current position. "In 5 years, I might still be in Columbus, but ultimately I hope to be happy professionally, married, and still just figuring our life and taking it one step at a time."

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